The Perfect Blend of East and West

Marion Bachra, MS, RD, LN a Bozeman Nutritionist and a Bozeman Chinese Herbalist in Bozeman, MT

Nutritional Screenings:

Food Sensitivity & Allergy Screening

Celiac & Gluten sensitivity Screening

Lactose Intolerance Screening

Microbiology & Candida Screening

Parasitology Screening

Digestive Function/Absorption Analysis

Vitamin & Mineral Analysis

Inflammation & Fatty Acid Analysis

Detoxification Screenings:

Affordable Heavy Metal Screening

Affordable & Effective Oral Chelation

Comprehensive/Genetic Detox Screening

Cellular Energy/Genetic Assessments

Oxidative Stress/Genetic Assessments

Fatigue, Pain, Depression

and Anxiety:

Assessment of Physical Factors

Assessment of Emotional Factors

Assessment of Endocrine Factors

Assessment of Neuro-Adrenal Factors

Assessment of Neurotransmitters

Assessment of Heavy metal burden

Affordable & Effective Oral Chelation

Comprehensive Detox Screening

Cellular Energy & Oxidative Stress

Emotional Support & Coping Strategies

Assess Mind-Body Connections

Endocrine Screenings:

 Neuro-Adrenal Function Analysis

Female & Male Hormonal Screening

Non-Prescription Bioidentical Hormones

Neurotransmitter Screening

Targeted Amino Acids Support

Bone Adequacy & Genetic Screening

Osteoporosis & Prevention

Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment

Cardiovascular Screenings:

Comprehensive Screening of Risk Factors

Assessment of Labs, Diet & Life Style

Assess genetic-environmental interactions

Drug free Alternatives, Diet & Life style

Food groups
Laboratories I use to order labs:

Cyrex labs

Genova Diagnostics/Metametrix

Tri*Med Services

Healthy Weight Screenings:

Certified  Intuitive Eating Counselor

Assessment: Physical & Emotional Factors

Endocrine, Adrenal & Thyroid Hormones

Neurotransmitters ie. Serotonin, Dopamine,

Norepinephrine, Epinephrine, GABA

Nutritional Assessment-Recommendations

Eating Disorders: Making Peace with Food,

Body Image and Self Esteem Issues

Blood Sugar Optimization:

Blood Sugar Metabolism Analysis 

    Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X

Preventing and Reversing Pre-Diabetes

     Drug free Alternatives, Diet & Life style

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Drug free Alternatives, Diet & Life style

Preventing and Reversing Type II Diabetes

Drug free Alternatives, Diet & Life style

Chinese Herbal Services:

Customized Chinese Herbal Formulas

Third-party tested, free from toxins

Affordable Formulas & Follow ups

Traditional Chinese Pattern Analysis

Tongue and Pulse Analysis

Symptoms & Signs Analysis

Holistic Mind-Body Approach

Contact Marion 1(406) 586-1833